Cheminformatics Tutorial


Cheminformatics Introduction
This tutorial provides basic information about cheminformatics.
Who started it and difference between classical & Modern
Tutorial By:- Dr. UC Jaleel, Sajeev R

Cheminformatics Classification
This tutorial gives introduction about Descriptors and  Classifiers.
Tutorial By:- Dr. UC Jaleel

Using cdk Discriptor
This tutorial First tell about installation and opening of
cdk tool. Download of dataset from pubchem and 
how to Run cdk for descriptor of chosen dataset.
Tutorial By:- Dr. UC Jaleel

Drug Discovery Pipeline
This Tutorial gives a pipeline of Drug Discovery. It tells about 
need of Computational Chemistry Software like WebMO.
And need of PreADMET in e- learning
Tutorial by :- Sajeev R, Dr. UC Jaleel 

This Paper tells about Virtual Screening. And how to do
ligand based drug designing
Tutorial by:- Dr. UC Jaleel

Data Mining - Weka
This tutorial teaches how to use weka, And about its different
Classifiers like cost sensitive Classifier, Meta Learners etc. 
Tutorial By :- Dr. UC Jaleel